Our non-profit clients want to share their powerful stories, to demonstrate authentic community change, to engage donors in meaningful activities, to inspire loyalty and to build trust among contributors. And they want their marketing, engagement and fundraising efforts to work in harmony. Our corporate clients want to attract new employees and customers, while retaining the ones they have. They want to be good stewards, to have a clear purpose from which they operate, and to share their community work and their sustainability efforts. And they are looking for authentic partnerships, consistent with their brand.


We help our non-profit clients take a close look at their beliefs, their customers, and the unique need their mission meets in the marketplace. We develop strategies and execute concrete action plans aimed at gaining differentiated relevance, establishing connections, building trust, and promoting affinity amongst meaningful target audiences. Whether the cause is environmentalism, arts and culture, or health and human services, Hatched can help.

Our services include:
  • Marketing and communications
  • Rebranding and repositioning
  • Integrated fundraising and marketing
  • Donor recognition
  • Donor and community engagement


We help our corporate clients align the inherent promise of their brands with purpose-driven efforts that are an integral part of business strategy, essentially creating an organization with Social Smarts. We involve client employees and customers in strategy development. We identify potential non-profit partners and evaluate their community outcome delivery and recognition plan effectiveness. We activate these plans inclusive of internal and external awareness-building and engagement considerations. We create metrics to evaluate the existing or proposed strategy as well as defining reporting plans for related activities and results.

Our services include:
  • Evaluation of existing Social Smarts strategy
  • Development of new Social Smarts strategy
  • Social Smarts innovations
  • Social Smarts marketing and communications


We can provide your organization with the flexibility to invest more in marketing when your business cycle–or market opportunities warrant. When the resources for full-time marketing staff are not available or when you are having a difficult time finding the right fit for key marketing positions, it may make sense to outsource. Likewise during a high growth phase when your organization must get to market quickly or if your business is highly cyclical and your need is to scale up and scale down marketing operations nimbly.