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The Currency of Trust and Connection

Two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity of participating as a speaker at the 2016 Philanthropy Miami Conference. As part of the “lightning round” presentations, five of us offered five minute talks about topics such as social entrepreneurship, framing the dialogue with donors, and venture philanthropy. I chose the topic ”The Currency of Trust […]

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The Time Has Come For Purpose

Last week, we rejoined our friend Patricia Maldonado, host of the Broward SCORE Radio Show to share our thoughts on the importance of businesses having a social purpose. Our discussion includes the impact on for-profit and non-profit organizations in terms of growth, perception, employee retention and customer loyalty as well as examples of those who have what we like to call […]

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Branding For Small Businesses

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Patricia Maldonado, host of Broward SCORE, about the value of branding for small businesses. SCORE is a weekly program designed for South Florida’s small businesses. Its purpose is to provide informative broadcasts intended to help grow businesses, bringing them to the next level. For those who missed […]

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